LD 1514: An Act To Reform the Maine Public Employees Retirement System

Dick sponsored LD 1514, An Act To Reform the Maine Public Employees Retirement System. This bill increases the cost-of-living adjustments and institutes a deferred retirement option for state employees and teachers. The deferred retirement option increases the financial benefits to employees working after the normal retirement age and affords more flexibility to employees choosing retirement at any age.




Maine Policy Review: Issues in Tax Reform in Maine

Dick recently authored an article in the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center’s Maine Policy Review on issues in tax reform in Maine. Dick presents some of the features of the state’s current tax system and the approaches to reform that have been considered in recent years. He discusses how alternative approaches to reform might be evaluated and structured to achieve different goals and highlights different ways to distribute taxes between residents and nonresidents. The Bangor Daily News featured a summary of Dick’s article in December.